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GroundsPatrol's News

Posted by GroundsPatrol - June 19th, 2019

In no particular order:

  • Over 3,000 listens! Whoa!

  • Reading people’s messages live on the show was really fun. Note to self: Encourage people to include their NG username if it’s different from the Gmail name or Twitter handle. Read a message from a guy named Konstantin without realizing it was @ThePsychoSheep.

  • Man, I found the body of Madness fan content awesome and passion-fueled but VAST. and DENSE. It was hard for me to wrap my head around even a fraction of the animations, series and art pieces out there. I think the final episode turned out fun but I remember leaving the interview feeling juuuust a bit like I let the community down with my lack of knowledge.

  • On a positive note, these Roundtable episodes are pretty fun. I’m especially liking them for topics that I don’t know as much about, like this one. It was way better for multiple artists to be able to chat about Madness than for me to have to fish for questions myself. The quality of dialogue goes up 100% when people experienced in the topic can engage each other.

  • It seems that plenty of NSFW community artists are willing to talk on the show, it’s just that I ran into a few who didn’t want to and assumed the same would go for everyone. Expect more in the future! Probably not right away though.

  • My aforementioned lack of Madness community knowledge lead to me not being fully able to talk to @Kelzad about his flagship series, REALM. If you’re reading this, go check it out.

  • Both before this rountable and since, I’ve dug back into the actual Madness Combat series a little bit. First of all, brings back so many memories of sitting in front of my old computer at my dad’s house after dark and watching them on repeat. Watching them now, I’m actually impressed with how they hold up. The narrative(?) that I used to find so compelling is now kinda silly, but that’s the point, right?

  • All this Madness talk is making excited for the next episode…

  • Still up in the air on whether or not to give @Ninjamuffin99 the Twitter login.



Posted by GroundsPatrol - June 17th, 2019

Spotlight on a nice review from @TheRoboTrickster love ya bud.

Great guests, first of all. Great topics, too. You've sorta picked thematically similar ones. Both Madness and NSFW stuff can face stigma sometimes, and a lot of people don't know much about them. I think it's okay that you didn't know that much about Madness Combat, because it sorta demonstrated the thing where a ton of people are ignorant about it - "Oh it's just a stupid movie/game with lots of killing, didn't that end 10 years ago?". And the questions you asked were great, interesting and insight-providing, both for the Madness part and the NSFW part, boosted by the great personalities of the interviewees. Keep it up, guys, this was great and you've got me hooked!



Posted by GroundsPatrol - June 14th, 2019

Hey everyone! If you enjoyed the recent roundtable episode featuring three whole NG creators at once, check out the other one we've done so far with @maowling, @Hyptosis and @YakovlevArt. Expect more of this style of episode in between one-on-one interviews.

Also remember that by emailing GroundsPatrol@gmail.com or tweeting @GroundsPatrol, you could get basically any message you want read on the show. Include your NG handle if it's not obvious.

Listening on Android? Comment with what specific app you use for podcasts, I'm honestly curious. I've switched from CastBox to Google Podcasts recently myself... considering Stitcher? Too many choices!


Posted by GroundsPatrol - June 12th, 2019

Episode 8 is out now!

Welcome to the second Roundtable episode! It's a Madness Community discussion with a healthy dash of the NSFW Art community as well. Because why not?

Featuring: @Cymbourine @Kelzad @Cethic




Posted by GroundsPatrol - May 29th, 2019




Welcome to another Grounds Patrol creator interview! This episode we talk to Mikkel Mainz, head of animation studios Skald and Sun Creature and creator of the Tales of Alethrion series.

Tales of Alethrion is an animated fantasy series that tells the stories of seasoned adventurers and their run-ins with an ancient and mysterious treasure map. On its YouTube channel (boasting over 100K subs) you’ll find the original short film that started it, the entirety of Season 1, a bunch of short mini-arcs and tons of behind-the-scenes content. And we’ll all be treated to a kickass Season 2 if we can slay an epic beast of our own - the Alethrion Season 2 Kickstarter.

I got to catch Mikkel after a 3-hour marathon Youtube Live event and pick his brain about Alethrion, fantasy storytelling, DnD and a whole lot more. Enjoy the interview and consider pledging to make Season 2 a reality.

BY THE WAYYY: Grounds Patrol now has a public email address! Send your thoughts, feelings and glorious praise for this episode to groundspatrol@gmail.com and I might likely read out your message in the next episode. For now, no ads or plugs for your stuff - that’ll come later.

Also, shoutout to @NinjaMuffin, Grounds Patrol’s new producer. Thanks to his work this podcast will chug on like the well-stoked coal train it is. And I won’t have to sweat at 3am because I haven’t found anyone to come onto the show yet. Haha. Ha.





Posted by GroundsPatrol - May 15th, 2019

Welcome to the first Roundtable episode - where multiple artists come together to compare their careers, experiences and techniques. This time the focus is on the Art Portal - listen to creators moawling, Hyptosis and YakovlevArt as they discuss what it means to be a Newgrounds artist.

Like what you heard? Have feedback? Whatever the case, feel free to leave a comment!




Posted by GroundsPatrol - May 1st, 2019

RealFaction has been around Newgrounds for about as long as one possibly can be, and his mark on the community is substantial. Pixel Day, the Art-Inspired Music Contest, you name it - oh. and he has two bands, three(?) podcasts and a game in progress. I got to talk with him about just dang near all of it.




Posted by GroundsPatrol - April 15th, 2019

Episode 4 of Grounds Patrol is out today! PsychoGoldfish, one of Newgrounds's lead programmers since basically forever, comes on the show to talk blams, user experience, and Newgrounds's future.




Posted by GroundsPatrol - April 1st, 2019

Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances we were unable to release an episode today. Stay tuned for later t̷h̵i̸s̸ m̶̡̛̛͖̲̰̩̈͘o̸̫̺͚̊̈́̃̓ņ̴̨̣͈̍ṫ̴̥̪͕͓h̶̡͎̯͍͋̉̌̊͝...



Posted by GroundsPatrol - March 10th, 2019


Episode 2 is coming in 5 days! When it comes out, you're going to want a place to hang out and chat about it. That's why you should join the official GROUNDS PATROL Discord server. The more the community builds, the more fun it is!

Join the Discord server HERE.

See you all on the 15th with our first creator interview...