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NG PODCAST - Thoughts on Ep. 8

Posted by GroundsPatrol - June 19th, 2019

In no particular order:

  • Over 3,000 listens! Whoa!

  • Reading people’s messages live on the show was really fun. Note to self: Encourage people to include their NG username if it’s different from the Gmail name or Twitter handle. Read a message from a guy named Konstantin without realizing it was @ThePsychoSheep.

  • Man, I found the body of Madness fan content awesome and passion-fueled but VAST. and DENSE. It was hard for me to wrap my head around even a fraction of the animations, series and art pieces out there. I think the final episode turned out fun but I remember leaving the interview feeling juuuust a bit like I let the community down with my lack of knowledge.

  • On a positive note, these Roundtable episodes are pretty fun. I’m especially liking them for topics that I don’t know as much about, like this one. It was way better for multiple artists to be able to chat about Madness than for me to have to fish for questions myself. The quality of dialogue goes up 100% when people experienced in the topic can engage each other.

  • It seems that plenty of NSFW community artists are willing to talk on the show, it’s just that I ran into a few who didn’t want to and assumed the same would go for everyone. Expect more in the future! Probably not right away though.

  • My aforementioned lack of Madness community knowledge lead to me not being fully able to talk to @Kelzad about his flagship series, REALM. If you’re reading this, go check it out.

  • Both before this rountable and since, I’ve dug back into the actual Madness Combat series a little bit. First of all, brings back so many memories of sitting in front of my old computer at my dad’s house after dark and watching them on repeat. Watching them now, I’m actually impressed with how they hold up. The narrative(?) that I used to find so compelling is now kinda silly, but that’s the point, right?

  • All this Madness talk is making excited for the next episode…

  • Still up in the air on whether or not to give @Ninjamuffin99 the Twitter login.



Comments (1)

Hey, more NSFWW on route! Looking forward to it.

Lack of knowledge or no this turned out great though. Bit short compared to some others. Was wondering if that had to do with the lack of background checks. Though happy these are all tolerable length - if it goes closer to or over an hour it's suddenly a bit of an endeavor to listen through. Noticing that with some other podcasts, and yet so many seem to aim for the one hour mark too. Guess it's an easy limit.